Two area high schools are getting new picture ID’s, while another is updating its school emblem.

Two area high schools are getting new picture ID’s, while another is updating its school emblem.
Raytown and Raytown South High Schools recently rolled out new logos, hitting jerseys and T-shirts for the 2009-10 sports season, while Blue Springs South made a few minor changes to their leaping Jaguar.
The new Jaguar is a little more ferocious, with a flattened tail and eye slanted back. It goes along with the new theme of South – updating.
“With the new construction and change of the building, we were thinking it was time to maybe change the logo, as well,” South activities director Mark Bubalo said. “We talked with the coaches and faculty, and the consensus was to either change it dramatically or not at all.
“Nobody really liked the dramatic change that we came up with. So we went with subtle changes, and I think everybody is pretty happy with it.”
The logo, an original logo created specifically for the school, will be featured on any new uniforms, but it won’t hit the basketball gym floor until after the first, and largest, phase of construction is concluded.
Still, Bubalo likes the new direction the school took in the refined logo.
“It very much identifies who we are,” he said. “The minor change was something we thought we could do without losing that.”
The Raytown schools unveiled new logos for the Blue Jays and Cardinals, both designed by Red Eye Graphic Design. Raytown South was a locked in controversy with Illinois State University over the old Cardinal logo, as the high school used very similiar – if not the same – logo used by the university.
Bob Glasgow, new activities director for the Raytown School District, speculated the complaint came after the Cardinals’ state championship appearance in St. Louis in November.
“I think somebody saw it and wasn’t happy about it,” he said.
Illinois State “expressed their concern that [Raytown South] was in copyright infringment,” according to Glasgow. The university is forcing the removal of the logo from jerseys, merchandise, etc., however, they are giving Raytown South a two-year window to work with.
“We’re working in a timely fashion to comply with their request,” Glasgow said.
The new logos, both designed by Red Eye Graphic Design, will be featured on the helmets and any new jerseys the teams create this year.
Glasgow, who recently joined the district after a number of years as Oak Grove High School’s AD and wrestling and golf coach, is happy with the way the new looks of the Raytown schools turned out.
“I’m very pleased. It’s a great opportunity for both schools to own their own identity, and I think over time, the kids will identify with it, as well,” he said.
“The logos are aggressive and specific without losing tradition. A lot of the new logos are just way too muscled up. With these, you know they’re birds,” Glasgow said, laughing. “They’re very masculine, but not out of context.”