To the editor:

I’ve heard the fashionable expression “they’re too big to let fail” enough. At what point are their collective failures too big to prevent us from failure?

These large financial institutions hiring the best and brightest accountants and economists from our most prestigious universities claiming to have all this proprietary intellectual knowledge that requires someone with a Harvard law degree to protect it turns out to be part of a crippling financial scam on the public. These investment bankers packaged sub-prime loans into AAA-rated bonds with much the same intent as the manufacturers a can of melamine-laced baby formula for public consumption.

Some businesses now want to revise their business to be a bank to qualify for TARP money, and our government is fast-tracking the process for them. Political and business leaders are more interested in being the patriarch of their family’s financial legacy that was created by cheating the taxpayers or shareholders. With our economy 70 percent driven by consumer spending, is it any wonder all they can do is tax us and send us a stimulus check. Why not let me keep it in the first place by lowering my taxes?

Washington, D.C. is the land of Oz. Our new executive can truly give heartfelt speeches the tin man would die for. And you lefties who think the Messiah is here, let’s first pull back that curtain because he’s first got to show me he’s the wizard. He’ll need to show he’s got the courage and brains to solve financial reconstruction with the other 535 members at the castle. Right now all I’m hearing is a bigger stimulus check and higher taxes. As for universal health coverage, why not show you can run another program we already have successfully first like – aha – Social Security?