Writing this column every week, when it’s about my life, can sometimes become laborious – especially when I can’t remember what’s been going on that would be worth telling about.

Holiday weeks give me the chance to reflect on something other than Dad, the boyfriend, the kids or – telling everybody and their brother the predicaments I can get myself into.

When I was thinking about Labor Day and writing about the passion I feel for my job, the newspaper and the power of print, I suddenly realized that over these past years I’ve already hammered that subject into the ground, several times. I’ve also written about my admiration for the work our military, police and firefighters provide for us and that I don’t think we say thank you enough for all that they do.

So while mowing last night – which is my quality thinking and problem solving time – I decided that this year’s Labor Day column would take on a different direction. Even though Labor Day is a time to reflect on those that work at paying jobs – there are a lot of other “jobs” and a lot of other stuff we have to “work” at other than just to make a living.

I will celebrate this Labor Day by admitting to the things in life I have to work at – and hope to get better at.

Like being nice on the outside when the inside is in a fit of fury. Getting angry seems to be a response that comes naturally for most folks although being consistently nice takes some work and practice. I try to practice every day, even when I don’t feel like it. It’s my ‘fake it til you make it’ theory.

Being a good parent takes work. If you thought it was tough when they’re two, wait until they hit 13. It doesn’t take much to get sideways with teenagers and can become a full time job, at times, to keep the peace while keeping control.

I wore a fake smile of understanding for so long with my daughters that it finally became permanent. Now, as young adults, I notice they’re giving me those same understanding smiles. I don’t even care if they may be fake – I like it.

It took me a few years to get it right – but I have finally figured out that you can’t just breeze through relationships – they take work and it should be a job.

Not a job in a bad way – but in the sense that your significant other should be one of your top priorities in life. If you work at putting their happiness above your own – they will reciprocate by doing the same.

I love my eight-to-five job but I live for my other jobs in life. Being a mom, being a daughter and being the best girlfriend I can possibly be.

With that said – I had to work really hard at being nice when my boyfriend suggested that my grapevine wreaths and branches for curtain rods may not go with the newly painted rooms. I agreed, but then again, I know how to “work” the system.

I figure I’ll sneak them in later – ‘cuz that’s my job.