Superintendent's message

Chris Small is the Superintendent of the Grain Vally School District.

What makes the Grain Valley School District stand apart from other school districts? We have a small school atmosphere and a small community feel, but also some opportunities of a suburban school district. I believe our students have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.
What are the district’s goals for the 2008-09 school year? We want to continue to improve in regards to student achievement.
What is the greatest challenge facing the school district? Staying ahead of the growth. Everything is tied to the growth including the programs and services that we offer.
How can parents be active in their child’s education? If they develop a habit of involvement, then they are more likely to stay active as their child grows through middle and high school.
 Why do you feel the Grain Valley School District is beneficial for students? We have a small school environment with opportunities of a suburban district, which creates a great environment for our kids.