To the editor:

History is set to repeat itself, again. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009 being debated in Washington has all the hallmarks of a classic deja vu. Last year the federal government sent out rebate checks and dumped huge sums of money into failing Wall Street banks and insurance firms. Both had no effect. It’s long past time that central planners learned that throwing good money after bad will not stimulate the economy. We must cut taxes, reform burdensome regulation and eliminate government waste.

Futhermore should we not question our president on the issues of law and God and President Obama being connected to the Church of Christ. Yes, I believe the Church of Christ does believe that once you have invited Jesus Christ into your life as savior you take time to read the Bible and become familiar with all the thoughts of God shared upon those pages.

I know when I was a new Christian I didn’t have greater understanding, but now I do and I understand that abortion is against God’s Law, and I know this issue of saying it is OK for a man to marry a man and /or a woman to marry a woman is definitely against God’s laws. These issues exist in the world, but is not up to our government to make laws saying it is all right for people to drag the general population into agreeing with their personal choices of sin. People make choices every day, but if someone wants to sin by killing his brother is our government going to make a law saying it is all right? I think not.

May we continue to pray for one another unceasingly, as it says in 1 Thesolonians 5:17.