It was difficult for me to choose a topic this week.

It was difficult for me to choose a topic this week.

A good discussion is the great KU recruiting class put together by Bill Self this year. Andrew Wiggins, the 6-foot-7 No. 1 recruit in the nation, has joined that class. To compare this kid to LeBron James would present an uphill climb for anyone, but he can definitely be compared to last season.

I am glad these kids are going somewhere other than Kentucky and North Carolina. These kids apparently see that Coach Self is one of the top three coaches in the country.

Another possible topic of discussion is the crybaby situation at The Players  Championship golf tournament. Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods clearly displayed a dislike for one another for all to see. The news media played it up like it was a world-shaking situation.

Come on! Competitors rarely fall in love with one another during the battle for a victory. Both guys have egos the size of Alaska. My problem with the whole thing is we have too many CRYBABIES in the world. Just play and do not look for outs.

The primary topic I finally settled on is a current school district trend in Kansas City and across Missouri. Many school districts are releasing all of their coaches at the end of the school year. If they choose to coach again, they must reapply for the same position the following year.

I have also caught wind of new administrators arriving in a district and advising coaches that they will be fired if they do not win.

However, a snap decision by someone unfamiliar with the total system may not truly understand the process to build a successful athletic program. Many factors contribute to the process of building a great high school athletic program. The first and most important contributing factor is to get the athletes to buy into the idea that they are part of a program and not just a member of one team.

To play for the great high school programs in any sport, the athlete must be proud that they are a part of that program. Great traditions developed in high school activities programs must be a total way of life. Everyone involved from the superintendent to the student manager has a job to do in order to make things work.

Again, everyone must BUY IN! All this sounds really good on paper but can be extremely difficult to accomplish, especially in the initial stages of building.

Most of the time, you will not meet the ultimate goal of being a state champion, but it is still necessary to strive to reach the top of the mountain each and every year. To reach for greatness is not something that comes easily or naturally, but with a little positive leadership, great things can happen. When people begin to believe, a great athletic program is attainable.

No one individual has all of the answers for success. Success comes about through leadership, vision, hard work and total commitment.

n I was very sad to hear about the passing of former Royals announcer Fred White. He was not only great in his profession, but he was an even better human being. The guy could tell some great sports stories!

n The Chiefs look like they are going to attack the receiver position with a committee approach. Dwayne Bowe, Jon Baldwin, Donnie Avery, Dexter McCluster, Terrance Copper and Devon Wylie will all have a chance to be a difference maker.

n It is good to see Royals outfielder David Lough called up. We need more bats in the lineup.

n My quote of the week is from Hall of Fame NFL coach George Allen: “Winning is living. Every time you win, you’re born. When you lose, you die a little.” (All true competitors have to agree with this one!)