Andy Reid is preaching perfection.

Andy Reid is preaching perfection.

"Execution is important," said Reid, who wrapped up the Chiefs’ second week of OTA's this week. "I think to execute you have to put in the hard work to get it right, and to understand the plays and all the fundamentals that we're doing, you've got to work hard to do that. That will be one thing we look at. Execution is what we're after, and winning is the most important thing right there. So all these things add up to that part of it."

Reid hasn't wavered on what he expects. Reid wants work ethic, the mind to grind each and every practice.

"Big Red, he's demanding perfection," receiver Dwayne Bowe said. "If you want to be a championship team that's what you got to demand. You have to come out here and minimize the mistakes every day."

I see players fully invested at practice, their focus all practice long has been on what they need to do. When they weren't involved in a play, I'd see players waiting talking to a buddy about what just happened. Didn't matter, offense or defense, everyone wants to learn.

"It's the work ethic right now – guys trying to get better," Reid said. "There are a lot of little things that determine whether you're going to be an average team or a good team and are you going to be fundamentally sound against all the different looks, whether you're on the defensive or offensive side, so you've got to spend time at it."

When I've known the why and how, I usually do better. Reid calls it knowing your job "inside and out.”

"It's not good enough just to learn the play, let's learn it inside and out,” Reid said. "Let's learn all the leverage positions you need to be in. And the guys are doing that, they're working at it. Normally those little things, that's what counts, but normally those are the things that the players will back away from. OK, I've got the route, but what are the intricacies of that route? I've got the coverage, but exactly how does that tie in with my linebacker or safety or whatever it might be? They're concentrating on that and they're working on that very well. From a coaching standpoint, that's all you can ask for."

Reid wants smart players, thinkers who grasp what he wants, not just a body with talent.

Several times at these OTA's I've heard Reid remind players. Telling his QBs about accuracy, or retelling his receivers what they do after the catch is just as important as making it.

The team was lost last season. The players talked about getting better, but didn't know how. When I asked, players couldn't give a clear answer.

The players needed that someone to show them. They needed Andy Reid.

Reid teaches with authority, he knows exactly what he wants and how to accomplish it. The players all listen too, they know they'd better.
If they want to win.

REID GETTING READY FOR AFC WEST: "We'll put things in, different ideas and then we'll blend it with going against each other too," Reid said about doing work specifically targeted for AFC West opponents next week. "But there will be enough in there to where we study them and there's enough of a heads up just so when we go into this offseason and training that we've got an idea of what we're going against. Some of the teams you can't do, some of them are new staffs, so you don't exactly know what you're going to be going against."

One opponent, the most important one, hasn't changed: the Denver Broncos.

Peyton Manning had his second-best season ever last year (4,659 yards/37 TDs). Both Bronco receivers Eric Decker (85 receptions/1,064 yards) and Demaryius Thomas (94/1,434) had terrific seasons. Add Wes Welker (118/1,354) to the mix and the Broncos are the team to beat, not just in the AFC West but the NFL.

Tough, but the more Kansas City learns now and pays attention to the small stuff like Reid wants, the better chance the Chiefs have.

Not impossible, the Chiefs have the players, but it all starts right here right now. That's what Reid is hammering home to his men.

Next week, the Chiefs finish their last four practices until mandatory minicamp in June.

It's already been a lot of fun. Looking forward to more!

Good day, Chiefs fans!