SCHOOL: Blue Springs High School

HONORS: Top 1 percent.

ACTIVITIES: Member of the choir at school and church; cashier at Price Chopper; involved with the music ministry at Lee’s Summit Bible Church and member of the youth group at Lee’s Summit Bible Church.

What advice do you have for next year’s freshmen?

Get involved. Honestly, high school taught me a great deal about time management and prioritization. Do a sport or two, join choir or band, try some clubs, take those classes that sound fun. Make the most of your time and you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself and life in general.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Well, I’m a choir nerd, so I’m a little biased. It’s a toss up between Nathan Rudolph, my choir teacher for the past three years and Kathy July, who was my college algebra/college trigonometry teacher. Mr. Rudolph took my “like” of singing and turned it into a passion and never fails to introduce new perspectives in both music and life. Mrs. July not only taught the curriculum, but taught life. I learned so much about college and such just from her discussions.

When you were not in school or studying, what did you most enjoy doing?

Sleeping. Seriously, my entire senior year, if I wasn’t in school, rehearsal, church or work, and if I wasn’t doing homework, I was sleeping. In all seriousness, though, I really could be found at work or with my youth group when I wasn’t doing something school related. They were my escape when I needed it.

What college do you plan to attend and why?

I’m attending Missouri State University this fall. I chose MSU basically for its many options. My plan is to go pre-med, majoring in cell and molecular biology and minoring in music. MSU has many paths to take within each field and gives me possibilities to do a specialized major and stay heavily involved in music.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

Ten years from now, I se myself wherever God wants me. I’d love to be in a hospital or clinical environment, either performing research or practicing medicine. I’d also love to be heavily involved in a church’s music ministry and stay involved in choral ensemble opportunities.