The National Weather Service has posted a flood warning for the Missouri River from Sibley downstream to Boonville.

At Sibley, the river this morning was at 12.57 feet and is expected to reach flood stage – 22 feet – Wednesday afternoon, crest at 23.6 feet early Thursday and then slowly recede, falling below flood stage by early Sunday. Flood stage at Kansas City is 32 feet, and the river is expected to crest at 24.1 feet early Thursday. The flooding from Sibley downstream is expected to be minor, through upstream at St. Joseph, moderate flooding is expected.

The Weather Service says low-flying areas might flood for a few days, and officials remind residents not to drive through flowing water. About half of all flood-related fatalities involve driving, and a vehicle can be swept away by as little as six inches of moving water.

The Little Blue River is not expected to flood. After Monday’s heavy rains – a May 27 record of 2.26 inches at Kansas City International Airport – the river briefly rose to 13.5 feet at Lake City, but it was back down to six feet this morning. Flood stage is 18 feet. Several rivers in northern Missouri are flooding, including the Platte.