To the editor:
This past Saturday, a column appeared in The Examiner, “Independence schools must maintain focus,” by Matt Beem.

The focus of the column centered on the placement of a single teacher being assigned to a different school. Mr. Beem used the phrase “district’s misplaced priorities” in describing that single teacher assignment.

The Independence school system is one of the best in Missouri, and it didn’t get that way by misplacing its priorities. Independence schools are triple A rated and got that way because of the excellent administration by top notch superintendents and an excellent support staff who have had excellent credentials and know very well how to run a school system. It got that way because of the excellent teachers the administration hired to teach our kids the right curriculum, what an important education means, how to study and focus on educational goals. It got that way because Independence has an excellent board of education that hired excellent superintendents and then got out of their way and let them do their jobs – which they have done very, very well. And that includes prioritizing teachers and other administrators according to need and where they can best be used.

Mr. Beem is not a trained school administrator, and to air his petty gripe about how teachers are assigned in the public forum is inappropriate. And to openly ask administrators to meet with him to discuss personnel moves is even more inappropriate. And then to ask the public to provide input and even provide an email address is embarrassing – perhaps even degrading.

Why didn’t he first air his objection directly with the school administration?
Independence school official’s offices are always open to the public and especially to parents. It is quite apparent Mr. Beem has forgotten this and as such owes this school district an open apology.