To the editor:

April is coming to a close in honoring all the tiny victims of child abuse. The forgotten victims of the war against child abuse are many times innocent wards of the state. They are yanked from their homes and placed in state custody.. Every year, hundreds of children die but thousands more are placed in child protection services. While child abuse is serious, our solutions are hurting the very children they were designed to help.

Richard Wexler, a reporter, producer and news editor in Albany, N.Y., says it best: “In the name of ‘child protection,’ children have been beaten. In the name of ‘children’s rights,’ children have been raped. In the name of ‘erring on the side of the child’ children have been murdered.” Many foster care children have no voice. Under state law, almost all of the information about child abuse investigations is kept secret.

Reporters trying to find out what happened are consistently told it would be a crime to reveal anything about the investigation. The child no longer has any privacy to protect, but the officials get to enjoy hiding behind the secrecy.

With more than 100 years of child saving, you would think we could do better. The main story child savers use is the Mary Allen case in New York City. Nothing was done until the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stepped in and asked ror protection as an animal. But what the child savers neglect to mention is that Mary Allen was a foster child. Her mother who beat her was her foster mother.

This comes to you today in memory of 4-year-old Douglas Brumley and all the forgotten victims of child protective services. Godspeed for the children in state custody..