I recently received the following message from a subscriber of my newsletter:

“I think your recent actions are an embarrassment to our community and are still part of your vendetta against those who worked to make sure your narrow views of what is important to our community got you beaten by a large majority in the mayoral election. With yur (sic) love of Blue Springs and computer skills it is indeed a tragedy that you don’t focus on the real issues of our city.”

I chose to include the message as a reminder that each of us may have differing viewpoints regarding what is important in our city. My opinion is no more or less important than any other citizen in Blue Springs. For our elected leaders to successfully serve their constituents, we have an obligation to let them know our opinions. This enables them to formulate policies that reflect our common values.

While our representatives will never please everyone, it is their responsibility to accurately represent the majority view. Too often our elected leaders only hear from us when we are unhappy with their decisions. By keeping the lines of communication open, we are able to encourage our leaders to listen and respond objectively to our concerns.

What are the “real issues of our city?” As I contemplated that question, I realized that defining “real issues” is complicated. For a local business owner, the real issue may be how best to promote their business within the confines of the city’s sign ordinance. For a resident, the real issue may be traffic congestion or retail and restaurant options. For a developer, the real issue could be the willingness of the city’s leaders to welcome growth and new development. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but if there is an issue you would like me to explore in more detail, send me an email at jeffq@cprosinc.com. 

I have learned that by keeping an open mind, carefully considering what others believe about an issue and comparing comments and opinions, I am better able to see issues from all sides. Intelligent people often disagree on the best course of action. In a plural society, more than one view is not only acceptable, it is encouraged.

The Examiner has a great blog engine as a part of its Web site, www.Examiner.net and my own website, www.AboutBlueSprings.com is specifically setup as an interactive blog site. Please take the time to share your comments on either site. The more we communicate, the easier it will be to come together with a common vision for our community!

I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve our wonderful community.