When it comes to Halloween, the folks in Blue Springs got it right.

When it comes to Halloween, the folks in Blue Springs got it right.

 The sole shortcoming of this year’s version of the “Boo Springs” family-friendly Halloween event was the World’s Greatest Second Grader wasn’t in attendance (due to a scheduling conflict – I forgot). Otherwise, on the surface it appeared the perfect event for those of us who want to keep it rated “PG” in a “MA” kind of world.

 A quick recap: More than 1,000 folks took part in the annual “Boo Fest.” The event was mild, with vendors handing out candy to youngsters. There was a kid-friendly haunted house and lots of smiling faces for children to see.

 In other words, the event was creepy with a smile – exactly what Halloween should be.

 This may be the recently sprouted gray hairs in the goatee of yours truly talking, but our little folks (age 10 and younger) are exposed to a very extreme world. They play video games where characters die blood-splattering deaths, hear music that offers a 3-minute for how to get your freak on, and see movie trailers that feature the latest scenario for the end of civilization. Even the most vigilant parent finds it difficult to spin a child’s attention away from grown-up diversions.

 Halloween is the worst in this regard.

 Forget about taking your child to the haunted house because some fool, in his/her zeal to give you an over-the-top experience, might scare your child to death and force you to consider beating them senseless. Meanwhile, trick-or-treating is just an invitation for a pedophile to poison your child’s candy or worse.

 Meanwhile, our churches – mine included – react too strongly by removing the fun of creepiness altogether. In its place you get a sanitized event that is really no different than the other 364 days of the year.

 “Boo Fest” is a great example of how the community should celebrate Halloween. We don’t really need fools walking around splattered with faux blood and losers bolting from behind trees donning werewolf masks. We need places where we can walk with our children and really enjoy the Halloween experience without graphic depictions of death and violence.

 The great thing is Boo Fest isn’t alone in providing family-friendly Halloween fun. There are a number of churches and community organizations that are hosting events and parties that allow children to have fun and be safe. As a parent, they empower us in an effort to keep our children young and innocent.

 Happy Halloween.