1 How did you become interested in a career in law enforcement?

Maj. Travis Forbes, 38, has worked with the city of Independence Police Department for 17 years. Forbes has worked in the patrol and investigations units, as well as the metro meth task force and the drug enforcement unit.

1 How did you become interested in a career in law enforcement?

I’m actually a third generation police officer. My grandfather was a highway patrolman, and my father worked for the Kansas City Police Department for 26 years and he is now the chief of Lone Jack police. I also did a ride along with a police officer, and I liked the thought of doing something different every day.

2 What are the most rewarding elements of your job?

The most rewarding elements are feeling like you’re making a difference in the community and working to make things better for the city. Currently, we’re using a process where we use intelligence to figure out where to deploy officers, and we’re targeting areas that have the most need. We’re actually seeing that it’s making a difference and having an impact. It’s kind of fun to do.

3 What are some of the more challenging aspects affiliated with your job?

I’m over the patrol division now, so the toughest thing is meeting all of the community’s needs with all of the resources that we have available. We just don’t have the amount of resources that we need to make the impact we’d like on crime and disorder.


4 What career do you think you’d have if you hadn’t opted for one in law enforcement, and why?

Most likely, I’d be a writer of some sort. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’ve written a textbook about criminal investigations. I like to read and write. I’d rather write fiction. I really don’t know (what kind of fiction I’d be writing); that’s a good question. I guess just the next great American novel.  

5 What advice can you offer for those who aspire to a career in law enforcement?

I would say just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons – that you want to be a public servant and you want to improve your community. Don’t look to do it just to make a lot of money. It’s a career, not just a job.