Patricia Cullinan


To the editor:

Jon and Kate, you can’t live in the United States without hearing about them everyday. Recently, the court ordered Jon to deposit $180,000 into their joint account. I wonder, if he refuses to do this will there be an consequences? If he lived in Independence their wouldn’t be.

Ironically, in my recent divorce Judge Roldan of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, Jackson County, Mo., ordered my former husband to deposit that same amount of money into a joint account or with the court. That was last November and he was given 10 days to comply. He ignored the order, the court took no action. In March of this year, Judge Roldan ruled on the divorce and awarded a substantial amount plus attorney fees. He ordered it paid within 30 days, this order was also ignored.

As of this date, none of the judgment has been paid and the court has done nothing. Can it be this easy to absolutely ignore the court and suffer no consequences?

Perhaps this is an everyday occurrence and I have been living in a dream world thinking a court ruling meant something. So now it is my responsibility to hire yet another attorney to pursue collection of an already “court ordered” judgment? Can someone explain to me how our court system works, or in this case, doesn’t work?