Three weeks ago my dog walking friends informed me that they were doing the Sunday evening shift at the ABF facility so I volunteered to help.

Three weeks ago my dog walking friends informed me that they were doing the Sunday evening shift at the ABF facility so I volunteered to help.

Since I had worked shifts at the facility in the past I thought that I would push a mop and help them out. As some of the volunteers walked dogs, the rest of us cleaned. I noticed that the ABF cat room had not been done so I offered to take care of it.

The ABF cat room is where the resident ABF cats live. Unlike Independence Shelter cats that go to Petsmart and on outside adoptions, ABF cats are special rescues that live at the facility until they find a permanent home or a foster home.

I entered the cat room and was met by the curious kids but noticed a new face in the crowd.

This new cat, named Butterscotch, had beautiful orange and white striped fur with a white chest and white paws. He sat watching me from the top of the cat gym. I talked to Butterscotch for a minute, gave his head a pat, and then began to clean the counters.

The cats have three water jugs that dispense water automatically. I like to wash the bowls out and give them fresh water. As soon as I replaced the first jug into the receptacle the water began filling the reservoir making a “glug, glug, glug” sound. I started to clean the counter and suddenly heard thumping. I turned to see the new cat, Butterscotch with his arms around the jug, eyes wide, batting at the jug while it bubbled and gluged. I began to laugh; Butterscotch looked at me as if to say “What is so funny?” then continued batting the jug.

When I had finished the counters and was ready to start on the floor I took a moment to pet the cats and talk to them. Butterscotch was very friendly. He stood as I pet him then pushed his head into my arm. I told him that he was a sweetheart; he responded by putting his tiny nose to the tip of mine.

 I’m not really a cat person but Butterscotch touched my heart and brightened my day. Butterscotch is around three years old. He obviously loves attention and people and gets along well with other cats. Butterscotch would be a great family cat or a wonderful companion for a single person. He is super sweet and deserves a good home.

Butterscotch is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations. He would really love to have a forever home. If you are looking for a cat to join your family and think that Butterscotch would be a good fit, go to our website, and complete an application.

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