Uniformed Police Officer David Johnson has been recognized as the most recent Blue Springs Police Department employee of the month.

Uniformed Police Officer David Johnson has been recognized as the most recent Blue Springs Police Department employee of the month.

Officer Johnson was hired by the BSPD and trained through the Kansas City Missouri Police Academy. He has served the city of Blue Springs as a uniformed patrol officer in the Operations Bureau since January 2008. Officer Johnson’s current assignment is protecting our community and responding to calls for service during the evening shift.

He has been a longtime resident of Blue Springs and stated he always had a desire to seek a career in law enforcement. He attends classes at Central Missouri State University and hopes to graduate later this year. Prior to his law enforcement career, he worked for Shrout Suzuki in the parts department.

Through his performance with the Blue Springs Police Department, Officer Johnson has shown that he has a true concern for the safety and well being of the citizens of Blue Springs. He wants to make our city the best place to live it can possibly be. He believes that the quality of life in Blue Springs is better than other cities, and notes the outstanding Blue Springs School District as an example. Working hard is the norm for him, and his work ethic encourages others to do the same.

Officer Johnson is excited about his future career, and hopes to expand his experience into one of the many specialized assignments in the police department. Areas of interest include the police STAT team, and he is taking additional training in a defensive tactics instruction. David is a Low Light Defensive Tactic Instructor, teaching officers how to safely conduct building searches under little or no light conditions.

Officer Johnson has received praise from citizens and command staff for the extra efforts he has put into checking parks and neighborhoods for illegal activities. In December 2010, he received a Meritorious Service Award along with Officers Shawn Williamson and Weston Kendall for their collective efforts in arresting a dangerous predator to help keep Blue Springs safe. He loves helping citizens, which makes Blue Springs ideal for him in both his job and residence.

He is respected by the officers on his squad and exemplifies professionalism in carrying out his duties as a police officer to the citizens of Blue Springs. Chief Wayne McCoy expressed his feelings when he said “David’s hard work, positive attitude and sincere desire to make the community a better place to live is an example of what makes the Blue Springs Police Department a top level organization.”

It is with great appreciation that Officer Johnson is being awarded the most recent employee of the month for his efforts to the Blue Springs Police Department and the citizens of Blue Springs.