Reader submitted poetry by Glen Enloe

Who Will Carry on the West?

A broken down old wagon wheel,

A symbol of what once was –

A reminder of folks once real,

Seeking better lives because.

A place where horses once ran free

And far mountains edged the crest –

A place we all wanted to be –

Who will carry on the West?

Sad remnants of a once proud ranch,

Busy towns now gone to seed –

A tattered fence line left to chance –

How many malls do we need?

An old black and white western flick

That mostly got its facts wrong –

Some barren land where ranchers stick,

Because they know they belong.

Yes, who will carry on the West?

A presence that never dies –

These modern times have done their best

To mute all our dreams with lies.

They do their most to say we’re brash –

That we’re all just wild cowboys –

We stand for truth and not just cash,

And savor those country joys.

And who will carry on the West?

Some aging cowboy poets?

Or children in blue jeans and vest,

Who love the land and grow it?

Oh, it’s more than clothes and a drawl

Or a special pedigree –

Just who will carry on the West? 

It’s just you, old son, and me.