Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have a plan, but it’s early, so stick with them. Too much fault finding this soon leads to a long season. I want a winner, but the Chiefs are under construction. Some is done; some isn’t while other projects are far from being finished.

Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have a plan, but it’s early, so stick with them. Too much fault finding this soon leads to a long season. I want a winner, but the Chiefs are under construction. Some is done; some isn’t while other projects are far from being finished.

The Kansas City Chiefs are being revived so I’m holding off with being too picky, but I’m not into forever. It took time to dig the hole, so now the Chiefs need time to climb out. Make it easy on yourself. Take preseason for what it is, because it’s about assembling all 53.

But! No amount of lipstick can cover what fans saw in the first half of last night’s game.

Fumbles, picks and Eagles oh my!

What in the wide, wide world of sports? Was the first half a hard pill to swallow? Yeah, like a horse pill.

Offensively the starters were offensive. The first half was important, because it was the starters. In my opinion the offense took a step back. Going into the game with the Eagles I knew it’d be a good test. Let’s put it into perspective. The Eagles are a playoff team, they act like it, they play like it and it showed. The Eagles came into Friday’s game leading the preseason in rushing and total offense. It was going to be good for the defense to show what they’ve learned. Home of the Chiefs is music to my ears, but what the starting offense orchestrated wasn’t melodious, but it was a rapid fire of lousy to start. I felt for the 64, 809 who paid to see it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but there’s no excuse for playing without a clue. The offense did simmer later and played a little better, but it didn’t remove that initial taste.

In order for Matt Cassel to be taken serious he has to play. You can’t say it any simpler than that. Cassel can’t play like he did Friday night. He looked bad, he looked timid and he doesn’t look sure. He took a positive step after Tampa Bay just to stumble last night. Fans that don’t like Cassel, and the list is growing, just point the finger and say look. Fans like me who keep the fingers crossed are hoping, but it’s getting hard. Point blank, this game didn’t help Cassel. If you’re into roast then there will be plenty of Cassel to go around. Enough for seconds, thirds and fourths.

Things popping out with Kansas City’s Linebackers

Jovan Belcher is playing good football, and out of the Chiefs inside linebackers, Belcher looks like a starter. Great news for the Chiefs, because Belcher is a player on the rise, but the same can’t always be said for the others. Besides Belcher I see linebackers slow to the hole, missing tackles and out of position in pass coverage.

On the contrary the outside linebackers have been very good. Like Belcher outside linebacker Andy Studebaker is on the fast track and had another good game last night against the Eagles. I noticed Studebaker’s attitude from OTA one and he’s making the most of each opportunity. Unless something drastic happens, there’s no reason to believe Studebaker hasn’t already cemented his role with the Chiefs. I wouldn’t hesitate to start Studebaker. Studebaker’s ready. Fans think moving Mike Vrabel to the inside and pairing him with Belcher makes sense. Then the Chiefs would be free to start Studebaker on the outside. Not a bad idea and then address the inside linebacker more next season.

Overall it’s hard to pick on the defense, because they’re getting better. Both Eric Berry and safety Kendrick Lewis stood out last night. Finally the Chiefs are no longer “sackless”, as they had three sacks in the first half. It was good to see. Romeo Crennel has the entire defense making steady progress. For the entire game I thought the defense kept shining.

I’m going to say it, but I’d start Kendrick Lewis. Having two rookies is scary, but I think both Berry and Lewis could become scary. Lewis interception in the third quarter reminded me of when defense was king in Kansas City?

What did the Eagles show me?

That if Cassel doesn’t figure it out that the Chiefs will be running the ball. The Chiefs came into this game against the Eagles with 141 yards a game 4th best in the preseason. Haley has been stomping his foot on being able to run the ball. It may not matter whose the starter, because I have a feeling that both Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones will see a fair share of work.

OK with me as long as the Chiefs can move the chains, but eventually Cassel will need to figure it out. And while I’m at it the offensive line will need to block.

Ending on a high note the defense is really turning a corner. There are players that will make a difference. Is the pressure what I like up front? No, it’s still nothing without the blitz, but I did enjoy watching the defense last night.

Going back to what I said, there’s more work to do, but its preseason. The Chiefs have one more to fine tune. I think the defense will get there first, but maybe I’m wrong. Next opponent is the Green Bay Packers who put up 59 points on the Indianapolis Colts Friday night. Well, another test for the young Chiefs.

Good day, Chief fans!