It just missed us.

The nasty winter that has hit much of the country passed just to the south of here, giving us the merest shot of ice and cold Monday night and falling fluff on Tuesday.

But we know our number comes up from time to time. Many of us in Eastern Jackson County know what it is to lose power for two or three days or even a week.

All we can do is be prepared and reduce our risks. Start with the basics: Have blankets, flashlights, old clothes and three days worth of food and water stored somewhere secure. It’s good to heed the advice of emergency planners: Create a supply kit, have a plan, and stay informed. There are lots of resources online.

We get all sorts of troubles in this part of the country: ice and snow, flooding, tornadoes, excessive heat. And, sooner or later, earthquakes. Take note, and get ready.

The Mid-America Regional Council, which addresses issues in the Kansas City area, has emergency preparedness information at

American Red Cross
click “preparing and getting trained”

Missouri Office of Homeland Security