To the editor:

Ever revisit an old haunt of years ago only to find out the passing of time has “worn that memory down to size?” You go back to that gigantic house you grew up in only to find the years have shrunk it down. That first grade teacher who was no less than 7 feet tall was, in later years, reduced to just a mere 5 feet, give or take a few inches.

Sad is the child who has grown up withheld from the joys of sledding. I have bored my grandchildren every winter with the “When I was your age, it started snowing the end of October and never let up until the middle of March.” We lived every available minute on the “Big Hill” during snow season. Sad to say, my grandchildren never grew up in north Fairmount. Now those are hills!

Go west on Kentucky Avenue just two blocks past Fairmount Grade School, hang a right on Overton, go one block north to Scarritt, and – there it is! To a 12 year-old that was Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Pike’s Peak all laid end to end- a huge hill to sled down. My brother, Harley, and I lived on that hill. We’d build a fire at the bottom of the hill and experience paradise along with neighbor friends. Treated streets? Salted to reduce cars sliding? Are you kidding? No such thing! That hill was ours!

I recently drove by “The Big Hill,” as we called it. Obviously, the city has shaved it down since the early 1950s. It was much bigger in the 1949-52 era. Sigh.